Toddler room

The toddler room offers a variety of activities for 1½- to 3-year-olds as they make the transition from infants to active and independent children. This classroom follows a consistent daily routine and gives toddlers an opportunity to actively explore, experience, and interact with others.

The schedule is designed to balance structure and free choice, active and quiet times. Through individual attention and respectful interactions, the teachers help the children learn about and deal with transitions, foster autonomy in the children, and assist children in understanding limits.

The classroom is a language-rich environment with books on low shelves that the children can look through at any time. The toddler room also includes an area for pretend play, a sensory table, carpeted areas for quiet activities, tables for creative and discovery/science activities, and accessible shelves for manipulatives and art supplies. The group size for this classroom is 12 children and the adult child ratio for this classroom is 1:4.