Lab Students & Interns


Lab students and interns must be enrolled in a CSUSB course. Prior to your first day of lab, you must check in with the office staff in SB 145. DO NOT PROCEED DIRECTLY TO THE CLASSROOMS. You will be given an Intern/Lab Student Handbook. This must be read in full before you can be in the classrooms with the children. You should be prepared to show CSUSB ID, your driver's license, proof of a current TB test (this proof must be no older than one year), and a signed Intern/Lab Student Handbook Acknowledgement.

From the office you will be directed to your appropriate classroom and introduced to the teacher(s) you will be working with. Each time you come to lab you will need to sign in and out on the classroom sign-in sheet (this sign in sheet is different than the personal sign-in sheet you may be using for whatever course you are enrolled in). In addition, each day when you enter the classroom you will be asked to wear a name tag that identifies you as a lab student or an intern.


To assist in providing you with the optimal Lab/Internship experience the following resources are available in the observation room: