Being Part of a Lab School

The Infant/Toddler Lab School has three purposes. The first is to educate students attending CSUSB about young children, families, and early learning environments. To this end, students observe and participate at the Lab School for course credit. The second purpose is to serve our community. This is accomplished in two ways; by providing an example of model early childhood programming to community child care providers and by serving children and families in our community through the provision of child care services.

The final purpose of the Lab School is to contribute to the knowledge base about children and families. This is done by allowing researchers to utilize the Lab School as a site for conducting research.

Many families express initial concern regarding the third purpose of the Lab School. Will my child have to participate in research? Is the research conducted at the Lab School uncomfortable or harmful to children? When researchers come to the Lab School with potential research projects we ask the same questions as well. Each research project conducted at the Lab School is carefully screened to make sure that it is developmentally appropriate for young children.

Although we support research projects and the important information that they produce, our emphasis is on the needs of your children first. If a project does not meet with the approval of the site director or does not meet the ethical guidelines outlined by the University, it may not be conducted. In addition, you always have the right to say that your child may not participate in a particular research project.