Our Approach to Learning

We use The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos to properly assess the children's progress. The Creative Curriculum allows teachers to care, teach, and assess, which are important links to providing each child and family with the highest quality of care.

Child observations and checklists are used in conjunction with planning curriculum. This process allows teachers to develop individualized lesson plans and developmental goals for each child. The assessments are also used as a conversation tool to use during parent-teacher conferences. In addition, teachers plan plenty of activities and learning opportunities for the children as a group.

Areas of Curriculum

The areas of development around which our curriculum is organized are as follows: physical (gross and fine motor, perceptual); social (awareness of others, consideration, cooperation, conflict resolution, communication); emotional (self-esteem, self-awareness, awareness of feelings, positive self image); language (communication, understanding words, articulating thoughts); and cognitive (comprehension, problem solving, decision making, skill acquisition). A key to our program is the knowledge that children learn at every moment, and our responsibility is to recognize how and to facilitate that process.